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The COVID-19 Pandemic is

Devastating the Restaurant Industry

FREE Soldier Poster for Independent Restaurants

Helps Promote the Purchase of Their Gift Cards . . .

The Gift Card Salute™ Challenge Supports Effort

The restaurant industry has been devastated by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the resulting stay-at-home orders and mandatory social-distancing measures enacted by health and government officials. Restaurants have resorted to take-out or delivery options to keep their businesses going.


Unfortunately, many restaurants have seen their sales drop by 50% - 70%. As a low margin business usually without a lot of cash reserves, independent restaurant operators have made the painful decision of furloughing and laying off millions of loyal workers, or even worse, the outright closure of their restaurants. Industry insiders report by the time the pandemic ends we could lose 25% or more of our independent restaurants.


“Our Restaurants Have Always Served Us.

Now, it is Our Time to Serve Them.”

– Scott Johnston, Founder of Fight For Restaurants

FREE Gift Card Soldier Poster

We are providing a FREE Gift Card Soldier Poster to each independent restaurant to promote the sale of their gift cards. Upselling gift cards can add tremendously to a restaurant’s bottom line and immediately improve their cash flow. Our free poster, and other vintage posters for purchase, act as a patriotic reminder for consumers to purchase gift cards with their food orders. If you are a restaurant owner and would like your FREE Gift Card Soldier Poster delivered absolutely free to your restaurant click on the button below.

PK Restaurants

“Awesome poster! We appreciate your help and the support of our community who have continued to patronize our restaurants during this tough time.”

                                       – Shirley Baynum, Owner

Gift Card Salute™ Challenge

To build excitement for this effort we created the official Gift Card Salute™ Challenge. This viral challenge encourages restaurant customers to show their patriotism, and proof of gift card purchase, by performing a salute while holding the gift card in their “salute hand.”  To complete the challenge, a picture or video of their salute is posted on this site, or to social media sites, while challenging three additional people to do the same. To learn how to how to properly perform the Gift Card Salute Challenge Click Here.

Linda Gift Card Salute.jpg

Why We Created Fight For Restaurants™

We were called into action during this unprecedented health and economic crisis to support our family of restaurant clients and their employees. We intimately understand how this pandemic has impacted all our lives and moved our country to mobilize people and resources in a way that has not been seen since World War II.  We are literally at war with an invisible enemy.


That is why we created and deployed our Gift Card Soldier Poster. It is printed, packed, and shipped free to independent restaurants to help promote the purchase of their gift cards. The Gift Card Salute Challenge builds awareness of the campaign and creates viral excitement for people to buy restaurant gift cards and challenges others to do the same. In addition, we created additional vintage posters and collateral for purchase to further spread the message and help support the free distribution of the Gift Card Soldier Posters.


Our local restaurants need help to survive now.  When the crisis is over and we fully open our country again, we all need to support our local favorite restaurants by eating out as often as possible and continuing to purchase restaurant gift cards to help during the rebuilding process.

Join the Fight

If you would like to join the fight, here is how you can help.


Purchase Food from Your Neighborhood Restaurants


Purchase Gift Cards from Your Neighborhood Restaurants


Participate in the Gift Card Salute™ Challenge


Directly Sponsor a Local Restaurant


Purchase Merchandise from Our Site

To learn more how you can help independent restaurants Click Here.

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