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Restaurant Stories

We love to hear from our restaurant owners. Let us know how our vintage war posters and related collateral have helped your restaurant. Please send us a quick note, a picture or very short video clip of your story and we will include it here on our website.

PK Restaurants

“Your posters help us sell more gift cards. Every little bit helps right now.” – Laura Short, Manager

Laura Short Manager, Pizza King Seaford

Hungry Howie’s

“The free soldier poster increases awareness, since most customers don’t think of buying a gift card when ordering a pizza.” – Craig Dimes, owner

Sal’s Pizza Gallery

“Independent owners like me don’t have the support system like the chain restaurants. This will help us since we need help now.”

– Sal Carannante, owner

Sal Smiling with Sign.jpg
Yard Sign in Front of Restaurant.jpg
Sign in Window.jpg
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