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Gift Card Salute™ Challenge

We created the official Gift Card Salute Challenge to build excitement and help promote the purchase of gift cards for restaurants. This viral challenge encourages restaurant customers to show their patriotism and proof of gift card purchase, by conducting a salute while holding the gift card in their “salute hand.”


To complete the challenge, a picture or video of their salute is posted to social media sites, while challenging three additional people to do the same. 

How To Perform a Proper Gift Card Salute

The hand salute is one of the oldest and highest forms of respect in the United States. Show your support and respect to your favorite restaurant by purchasing a gift card and performing a proper Gift Card Salute.


Position the gift card in your hand. Insert the gift card between your index finger (pointer finger) and thumb.


Stand up straight. Use your best posture when saluting. Do not hunch over or let your shoulders drop. Keep your feet together.


Bring your right arm up to the correct position. Bring your arm up so the bottom of your bicep is parallel to the ground. Your arm should remain straight, so your elbow is in a straight line with your shoulders and your forearm is at a 45-degree angle to the ground. 


Raise your hand with the gift card up to your brow. The gift card should never directly touch your face or head. Make your salute smart and snappy. 


Craig Dimes, owner of Hungry Howie’s Pizza, 
showing proper Gift Card Salute form while he
holds his FREE Gift Card Soldier

Don't forget to post your picture or video doing the Gift Card Salute Challenge on Social Media & challenge three other people to do the same. 

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